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Aerobotix utilizes the most advanced robotic scanning & inspection applications available on the global market.
As an integrator, we are not married to one inspection equipment manufacturer or component. This allows us to incorporate the best product for each individual application. We have teamed with multiple industry leading sensor manufacturers to give our customers the highest quality of automated robotic scanning and inspections tools, such as 3D projection, robotic structured light scanning, and automated scan to CAD.

3D Scanning

Aerobotix partners with Shape Fidelity, Inc. to implement 3D scanning on geometric surfaces.


Aerobotix partners Compass Technology Group, LLC. to perform automated paint thickness measurement using the Advanced Microwave Mapping Probe.


Aerobotix partners with TeraMetrix to incorporate robot mounted T-Gauge measurement systems in our robotic painting systems. These intrinsically safe sensors perform in-process paint measurements, meaning they take real-time measurements during a spray.