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Training & Maintenance

On-site or at our Huntsville facility.

Keep employees trained

and systems maintained

Our services extend far beyond emergencies. Our aftermarket support allow your operators and systems to continue performing at their highest level.

Training Programs

HMI and Robot Training

Our operator training includes:

  • Startup procedures and system preparation
  • Part and material preparation and loading
  • Common alarms and troubleshooting
  • Fan and atom air calibration
  • HMI walkthrough and error recovery
  • Spray gun and air cap maintenance
  • Daily maintenance checks
  • Shutdown procedures

Our robot training includes:

  • Powering up and jogging the robot
  • Teaching user frames
  • Program and robot fault recovery
  • Executing production operations
  • Creating and running MACROs
  • Creating, modifying, and running a production program
  • Monitoring, forcing, and simulating signals
  • Backing up and restoring programs and files
  • Mastering (single-axis, zero position, and quick)
Initial and Refresher Training
Our initial training is standard with every system delivery. Refresher training is optional but is great for teams who have not trained in a while or with new robot operators.
Maintenance Training

Our maintenance training includes the following topics:

  • Coating delivery system (CDS) maintenance
  • Robot maintenance
  • General electrical safety and lockout-tagout (LOTO)

This training is customized depending on the components in your system.

Programmer and Software Training

We offer training on the following softwares:

  • FANUC Roboguide
  • Delmia
  • RoboDK

Training Videos

For additional videos, visit our YouTube channel. If there is a specific service not listed, please email our Aftermarket Coordinator at with the subject line: Training Video Request.


Why should I get a maintenance contract?
Let us keep the stress off of you! No one knows the system better than the designer. We customize our maintenance contracts depending on the customer requirements. If annual maintenance is requested, typically, that involves resetting a system to factory new. Our business model includes helping our customers reach self-sufficiency.
Are there more training videos available?
Yes you can watch here. Remember to like and subscribe! If a video is not available for your specific request, reach out to our aftermarket coordinator. Our aftermarket coordinator will work alongside our creative team to produce a training video to fit your needs.
Can you fix other integrator systems?
If maintenance is requested on a non-Aerobotix system, we work collaboratively with your maintenance personnel.
What are the benefits of an offline workcell?
The short answer is: for simulation purposes. Instead of using your robotic system, use the offline workcell to perform error checks, determine feasibility, look at layout changes, etc. Using the offline workcell means you have no downtime!