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Spares & Upgrades

Don’t be stuck

in the past

Aerobotix offers the option to order spares, upgrades, and other services to streamline and refresh installed systems.


A close-up view of a electrical cabinet.

Parts and Hardware Replacement

An automation controls engineer evaluates a robotic paint system from the coating delivery system cabinet monitor.

System Evaluation

An Aerobotix robot engineer designs a robotic path offline using a software.

Process Development


    A render of a robotic overhead gantry.

    Drawing Packages and CAD

    Aerobotix provides system deliverables for the following programs: FANUC Roboguide, Delmia, and RoboDK.

    Software Deliverables

    An Aerobotix robot operator visits a customer, on-site, to assist in support.

    On-Site Visits

    A software engineer debugs a robot program.

    System Debugging


      When can I expect a replacement part?
      Delivery depends on parts. We work immediately to order replacement parts to get your system up and operating.
      How long until on-site assistance arrives?
      As soon as possible. We work with customers to determine availability, issue(s), and location.
      How can I reach you?

      We are accessible via phone and email. Our phone line is open to answer your calls whether national or international.

      What happens after install?
      A warranty period begins after the final acceptance test is completed. After your warranty expires, aftermarket support is available which includes maintenance contracts, upgrades, or spare parts.