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Customized Solutions

A robotic system or metrology solution tailored to your specific needs and wants.

We design and integrate cutting-edge, automated production systems and advanced metrology solutions for robotic process development, system integration and installation, maintenance, and training to provide our customers with the most reliable, supportable, and maintainable system possible.

Process Development

Lab Process Development

Aerobotix’s in-house laboratory allows us to test and validate painting, sanding and inspection processes. This capability enables us to eliminate any potential risk for our customer. This allows our customers to procure their system with a higher level of confidence of receiving a production capable system.

Robotic System Integration

System Design

Aerobotix designs and integrates turnkey, automated production systems for aerospace and defense programs. We utilize Commercial Off-the-Shelf hardware wherever possible in our integrated systems, providing our customers with the most reliable, supportable and maintainable system possible.

Robot Programming & Workcell simulation

Aerobotix performs robotic programming for our systems through offline programming. Simulation development uses an exact model of the designed system in Delmia UltraPaint, FANUC HandlingPro, or FANUC PaintPro simulation software. Our robotics engineers integrate the process data and parameters into the model and generate the robotic production path plans that will be used on the final system.

System Installation & Support

Support Maintenance

Aerobotix can provide emergency or periodic maintenance services for any of the systems we implement. We provide aftermarket services on a continual or limited basis, as requested by the customer. Aerobotix can typically be at the job-site in less than 24 hours, but we often perform troubleshooting and error resolution over the phone.


Aerobotix provides operator and maintenance training for all of our turnkey systems. This robotic and PLC training is custom tailored to fit each particular application and is developed alongside the system.

Integrated Taping Solutions

Aerobotix offers an integrated taping solution that automates the industrial taping and masking process. In partnership with Ferrobotics, Aerobotix developed the Active Taping Kit (ATK™), a finely tuned system based on the Active Compliant Technology (ACT) and a tape applicator optimized for robot use. The ATK™ is quick, flexible, and safe and can apply various kinds of tapes on any part or surface. It delivers perfect results without bubbles or wrinkles.


  • User-friendly industrial ready-to-use solution
  • Robot-compatible sensitive tape applicator combined with all the benefits of the ACT system cooperation


  • Contact force on the surfaces in an integrated system solution
  • Cutting
  • Tape consumption


  • High performance and functionally optimized system for immediate integration
  • Rapid job modulation directly by the end user
  • Optimal functionality, productivity, and process reliability


  • Precisely even surface appearance thanks to a process-optimized compact solution
  • No wrinkles and bubbles = flat tape transfer
  • Exact repeatability
  • The highest quality level 24/7

Facility Capabilities

52,500 sq ft.

Manufacturing Space

In-House Paint Booth

with Closed-Loop Coating Delivery System

Robotic Sanding Booth

Curing Booth