Case Studies

The proof is in our combined 500+ years of experience & our customer’s success.
Aerobotix, authorized FANUC integrator, has installed over one-hundred robots into turnkey systems used in an impressive variety of aerospace and defense programs, making them the robotic solutions experts.


An off-the-shelf spray gun was useful for many aerospace robotic coating projects, but Aerobotix customers have confined spaces where the gun would not fit.
  • The efficiency of the mini spray gun allows for incredible cost saving.

Güdel and Aerobotix team up to build a giant robot work cell for painting large aircraft.
  • Automation allows for an increase in run-time with limited operator interference.
  • Operators are removed from dangerous fumes and dust.


Aerobotix (ABX) developed an automated polishing solution for fighter jet transparency canopies and windshields which is currently used on F-35s.
  • Manual labor reduced 80%
  • Estimated cost savings: $150 million

After being tasked through a SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program to create a partially automated sanding and polishing solution, ABX has continued to improve the robotic system by developing a fully automatic sanding solution for changing adhesive-back sandpaper for multiple grits.
  • Total estimated cost savings: $15 million


What happens when you shoot a coating thickness measurement signal at a performance coating designed to confuse signals? You guessed it; you get very confused thickness measurement data.
  • Due to an increase in accuracy and efficiency, time and money are saved.

During some robotic spray operations, paint masking must be applied to ensure material is sprayed in certain areas of the part and not others.
  • Total estimated savings: $327,250 

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