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Aerobotix and Shape Fidelity Announce Merger

MADISON, Ala. — Aerobotix, Inc. and Shape Fidelity, Inc. have announced the finalization of a full stock merger of all their business operations.

The companies have merged all assets, intellectual property, contracts, and people to strengthen the complexity of offerings to our cutting-edge customer base. Shape Fidelity leads the industry with highly-customized, precision metrology solutions ranging from medical implants to full-up aircraft and spacecraft; Aerobotix’s expertise includes robotic painting, sanding, and inspection systems on a wide variety of missiles, fighters, bombers, and UAVs. Aerobotix and Shape Fidelity have been working together on critical aerospace projects for over ten years, growing to rely on each other while implementing advanced metrology hardware and software into turn-key automation systems alongside some of the world’s largest Aerospace companies. Aerobotix and Shape Fidelity partnered on multiple projects to push DoD and Aerospace manufacturing capabilities to areas that have never been reached before and will now be poised to work and grow together to benefit both our customers and our newly combined team.

Founded in 2005, Aerobotix has 42 employees and over 125 robotic systems currently operating in the United States and abroad. Founded in 2010, Shape Fidelity has 23 employees with several stationed in critical support positions at facilities like NASA. “We’ve been working so closely for nearly ten years that it just makes sense for us to consolidate operations and still give our customers high quality, cutting edge solutions,” says Rob Black, President of Shape Fidelity.

For more information or to start customizing your robotic solution for aerospace or defense purposes, contact Aerobotix at

Aerobotix’s F-35 Mobile MIP robot system at Lockheed Martin Aerospace in Fort Worth, Texas.
Shape Fidelity Mobile Multi-Use Robot (MMUR) system at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgi