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2018 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award

Aerobotix, Inc. (Madison, AL) joined forces with the Air Force and Lockheed Martin to resolve rising issues in the F-22 robotic coating process. Some of these issues included inconsistent application processes, confined spaces with intricate surfaces, strict thickness tolerances, and outdated equipment. Aerobotix’s contribution to these upgrades reduced the coating time by 90% and overall refurbishing time by 60%, while removing operators from hazardous spaces.

Upon successful completion of this complex task, Aerobotix was recognized for their part in the project and received the 2018 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award for cost reduction and safety improvements. The improvements made on this system resulted in a system that can be applied to multiple coating process for both the F-22 and F-16. Currently plans are in place to expand this system further to other platforms. Aerobotix has plans for future add-ons including sanding and metrology equipment.