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F-35 Mold in Place Coatings

Aerobotix, Inc. was recently praised by major leaders in the aerospace industry for its robotic painting applications. Aerobotix has reached into a new robotic painting solution: Mold In Place (MIP) coating tools. The MIP tooling process is substantially more complex; but the result has timesaving and safety benefits. The F-35 project is one instance where Aerobotix has perfected MIP tools for coating different parts of the aircraft.

The image above is a part of the fifth F-35 production environment, where automation in the assembly process has drastically increased the government’s return on investment. Aerobotix co-developed a fully automated self-positioning robotic system that uses multiple MIP tools which have increased coating quality and consistency. This project is a prime example of how Aerobotix has been a key player in pushing limits of automation in the defense industry.