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Community Service

Aerobotix (ABX) is a small business focused on robotic automation for aerospace applications in the defense industry, but its employees also take time to assist the elderly and disabled in their community. When the need for a wheelchair ramp develops, Aerobotix steps up with funds, sweat, determination to get the job done, and sometimes a little snake wrangling. Aerobotix teams up with local teens to assist the elderly and local veterans for these service projects. Aerobotix believes that working side by side with these young people helps support and respect our elders and actively develops character and integrity.

Because the team is all about automation solutions, where efficiency is key, it didn’t take long to pre-build sections of ramp offsite to make the installation quicker and stress-free. The crew can usually install a complete ramp solution in as little as four hours, allowing the teens to get to ball games and other obligations. “This approach is great,” says Keenan Simmons, Project Manager at Aerobotix, “We meet for two hours on Wednesday evening at a team member’s house for the pre-build, load the sections on the trailer, and then on game day—I mean ramp day—we can get in and out before it gets too hot or before kick-off!”

One day you might see a spare FANUC robot laying sections and driving nails for a new wheelchair ramp. If you are local to the Huntsville/North Alabama area, contact ABX for a simple and low-cost approach to wheelchair ramp construction using pre-built modules.