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Three Heads Are Better Than One!

As an optional add-on for robotic sanding systems, Aerobotix recently collaborated with FerRobotics to incorporate a three-headed sander and sand paper changer. FerRobotics’ sander is classified as a large area sander and, as the name implies, it covers three times more surface area than a traditional sander. This means that it takes fewer passes and less time to sand—including everything from piece parts to full-up aircraft. The pressure-sensitive heads allow the sander to contour around part curvature, resulting in an even finish. Additionally, the sander is not affected by inversion so it can flip itself to sand the underside of parts.

The automated sander paper changer scrapes off all three pads after a sanding process and then applies new pads before beginning a new sanding pathway. The sander and sand paper changer require little to no operator interference, making the sanding process ergonomically-friendly and safer.

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