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Aerobotix Launches 16th Robot for Missile Manufacturing

An area of expertise for Madison, Alabama’s Aerobotix, Inc. (ABX) is robotic systems for missile manufacturing. ABX is building their 16th robotic system to reduce the cost and increase the quality of cruise missiles, air to surface missiles, and hypersonic missile programs. Off-The-Shelf robotic systems from ABX can efficiently spray performance materials, including thermal management coatings, onto complex, contoured inner and outer surfaces at incredibly accurate tolerances. The robots not only improve through-put and quality, but the painter is now at the control station instead of exposed to hazardous paint fumes and munitions. To get even more Return on Investment (ROI), ABX Class One, Division One (C1D1) rated paint robots can be configured for structured light scanning of the missile before and after a coating operation. This data provides critical information, in a 3D model, about the shape of the missile prior to coating application and then the final As-Built shape after coating application. If required, the same robot automatically changes the end of arm tool to a sanding/polishing head to smooth out the coatings or substrate to achieve the program’s aerodynamic requirements.

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