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Aerobotix Gets Invited Back Overseas

An international F-35 manufacturing partner has sourced Aerobotix ,Inc. to design, build, and deliver a second turn-key FANUC robotic coating system for the Lightning II inlet ducts. The partner builds the mid-body of the Joint Strike Fighter to contribute to the manufacture of the JSF in the international community. Aerobotix will install and program the robot at the customer’s site and support them through production implementation and validation spray events. The robotic coating system is required to reach deep into the inlet ducts and apply coatings accurately, efficiently, and safely to meet the programs requirements.

“I’m really excited to do another project over there and visit with my friends from the first trip. They’re doing great with their first robotic painter and are making quality parts, and at the end of the day that’s what we all want for the warfighter” says Shannon Springer, Project Manager at Aerobotix.