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Meaghan Ziemba (left), host of Mavens of Manufacturing podcast (right), selected Sammy Stejskal, Aerobotix process engineer, for Episode 126. Stejskal highlights the journey of working in the manufacturing and robotic industry.

Sammy Stejskal featured on Mavens of Manufacturing Podcast

Aerobotix process engineer Sammy Stejskal joins Mavens of Manufacturing podcast host Meaghan Ziemba in Episode 126. In this episode, Stejskal shares her journey into the engineering field, manufacturing industry, and robotics sector. Additionally, Sammy gives her input on ways companies can recruit more women into the tech world and what it means to be selected as a Women in Tech: 23 for ’23 by Business Alabama Magazine.

Episode 126 is available on the following platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

A special thanks to Meaghan for featuring Sammy on Mavens of Manufacturing podcast. If you are interested in featuring Aerobotix on your podcast, click here. Don’t forget to explore our company website.

About Aerobotix

Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, the company specializes in the creation of cutting-edge automated robotic solutions for high-value, high-precision components, aircraft, and vehicles. Aerobotix has more than 130 robotic systems installed in the U.S. and abroad, providing exceptional results and savings for our clients.

About Mavens of Manufacturing

A podcast that celebrates women in manufacturing; from the shop floor to the c-suite. Listen to their stories and learn how they are setting the new standards for American manufacturing and changing the world.