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Robots in missile manufacturing

With the United States government urging the defense industrial base to create a more modern, resilient ecosystem, Aerobotix is able can provide an innovative solution for missile manufacturers—robotic systems. Operable in hazardous conditions, our flexible, turn-key designs have proven to optimize current and next-generation programs by tackling challenging issues such as labor and skill shortage, cost, increased demand, and quality control. 

Aerobotix has successfully tested, implemented, and delivered robotic systems that revolves around their component part no matter the size, space, or quantity Each robotic system, whether dedicated or multi-functional, is unique to our customers. Let Aerobotix help you modernize defense manufacturing, today!

An Aerobotix automated robotic system is show behind a hypersonic missile in Lockheed Martin's Courtland facility, an example of modernizing missile manufacturing.  (Courtesy: Lockheed Martin)

An Aerobotix multi-functional robot system, background, that coats, sands, and measures a hypersonic missile. (Credit: Lockheed Martin, Digital Engineering Driving Advanced Production Across Lockheed Martin)

An automated robotic system sprays RX2390, a thermal protection coating, on a test panel for post spray measurement.This automated robotic system can help modernize defense manufacturing.

A robot integrator with a proven track record

An unrivaled methodology along with an extensive catalog of performance coatings under our belt is what makes us different. We know defense. It’s our niche.

Each component sprayed by our robotic painting systems can meet MIL-SPEC and MIL-STD requirements. Our resumé includes, but is not limited to, various primers and liners, thermal protection systems, and chemical agent resistance coating (CARC).

Built for dull, dirty, and dangerous

Gone are the days of Tyvek suits, respirator masks, and bodily injuries. With a C2D1-rated robotic sanding system, meeting tight tolerances and desired net shapes has never been easier. We integrate the industry’s best sanding technology equipped with active compliant technology and closed-loop feedback.

A C2D1-rated automated sanding system uses active force control to help meet tight tolerance requirements on a missile body covered in RX 2390, an example of modernizing defense manufacturing.
An automated inspection system, using an AS1, scans a missile body to create a 3D measurement, an example of modernizing missile manufacturing.

Where quality and quantity coexist

Quality control is the most important process. The human eye can only get you so far, and it’s often difficult to reach tight and confined spaces manually. Using a robotic inspection system delivers even more accurate results and can cover all areas in a timely manner—giving manufacturers a higher production rate and better quality.

We utilize a number of inspection tools ranging from 3D & thickness measurement, camera-based, and metrology. Tell us your needs, and we will find the right inspection tool for your component. 


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