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Aerobotix and Manufacturing Automation Systems to demonstrate adaptive pathing robot technology at Automate 2024 

FANUC integrators partner to develop intelligent sanding for aerospace industry

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Aerobotix and Manufacturing Automation Systems (MAS), two leading FANUC robot integrators, today announced they will demonstrate intelligent adaptive sanding at Automate 2024 in Chicago, Illinois, from May 6-9. This innovative technology marks a significant advancement in the robotic sanding process, promising part quality control and time saving in the path programming process.

MAS’s cutting-edge QC Plus software allows the robot to scan a component, create custom paths, and adapt it with zero input from a robot operator. Integrating with FerRobotics’ patented Active Compliant Technology (ACT) enables the robot to use varying force when sanding, delivering the best quality.

“With the help of MAS, we are giving the robot “eyes” to go sand where it needs to,” said Josh Tuttle, business development manager at Aerobotix. “Instead of having a baseline program, telling the robot to run so many times across a component, it can scan, create custom paths, and focus only on points that require sanding.”

This will be the first public demonstration, which has been specifically designed for the aerospace sector. Collaboration efforts came in response to manufacturers struggle in reaching desired net shape, time constraints, and lack of workforce.

“We’re excited for this breakthrough and the opportunity to showcase our software capabilities to not only the robot industry but also the aerospace manufacturing community,” says Jacob Cipriano, engineering manager at MAS. “This collaborative effort could not have come at a better time, and we know the impact it can have for manufacturing.

Aerobotix will offer a demonstration each day at Automate booth no.1807.

To watch a video about Intelligent Adaptive Sanding, click here:

About Aerobotix

Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, Aerobotix is an innovative leader in robotic solutions for the aerospace and defense industries. The company specializes in the creation of cutting-edge automated robotic solutions for high-value, high-precision components, aircraft, and vehicles. Aerobotix has more than 155 robotic systems installed in the U.S. and abroad, providing exceptional results and savings for our clients.

About Manufacturing Automation Systems

MAS (Manufacturing Automation Systems) specializes in adding 3D intelligence to the manufacturing process with simple tools & turnkey systems. MAS’s QC Plus™ software and hardware connect integrators and manufacturers to cutting edge 3D scanning technologies, allowing you to unlock new potentials for automated measurement, automated defect inspection, and adaptive robot pathing.  

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