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4 Tips to Use When Selecting a Robot for Your Application

“Which robot is best for my application?” or “Where do I start?” are questions you may be asking yourself if your considering adding a robotic system to your production process. Josh Tuttle, business development manager at Aerobotix, breaks it down with four easy tips below. 

1. Nature of Task

If the task is repetitive, doesn’t require human interaction, and demands speed and precision, an industrial robot might be better.

If the task requires human collaboration, frequent changes, or is more flexible in nature, a robot is ideal. 

2. Risk Assessment

Perform a thorough Robotics Industrial Association (RIA) assessment with your integrator or robot provider to identify potential hazards and take measures to mitigate them. This may involve installing safety sensors, barriers, or other protective equipment. 

3. Programming

Robots often have user-friendly interfaces that allow non-experts to program and operate them. If you have a smaller team or limited robotics expertise, robots can be a more accessible choice.

Production parts often require error recovery and other complex programming that may need to be performed by an integrator or experience robot programmer.

4. Duration of Tasks

For short-term, adaptable tasks, a robot is preferable especially in the lab before automating production.

For long term, consistent tasks, industrial robots are more suitable.

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