Robotic Arm Used in Part Marking

Robotic System Integration Automation

system integration automationAerobotix provides complete turn-key automated production systems for customers within the aerospace, military, and general manufacturing sectors. Our integrated systems are usually based on a robot performing a closed loop process. A typical automated system would include single or multiple robot arms, auxiliary linear axis rails, closed loop coating flow control system, end of arm tooling, spray gun, PLC & pneumatic control cabinets, GUI, control software and operator screens, and robot path plans.

We strive to utilize Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) hardware wherever possible in our integrated systems, providing our customers with the most reliable, supportable, and maintainable system possible. There is no substitute for proven products; re-inventing the wheel only diverts attention away from the critical aspects of the project: process performance, quality, schedule, and budget.

Our Process

The process for each system begins long before project initiation. Our staff works closely with the customer to define and understand the target process and materials, expected system performance, facilities available, level of human interaction, budget, and schedule. With this information, our engineers can produce rapid design reviews, procure long lead items and other hardware, generate software, and integrate all system components to achieve an on-time, on-budget, state-of-the-art automated production system. Each system is designed, developed, delivered, installed, calibrated, validated, and commissioned into service, with a project team charged with responsibility for the entire project from beginning to end.

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