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FANUC Robotics Training and Maintenance by Aerobotix

Aerobotix Tech providing maintenance ServiceAerobotix can provide maintenance services for any of the systems we implement. We provide this aftermarket services on a continual or limited basis, as requested by the customer. Aerobotix routinely performs quarterly and annual maintenance on customers' systems. Our support staff maintains availability and flexibility so that we can perform maintenance activities during off shifts, preventing any disruption to the manufacturing process.

We are also available to perform emergency repairs and spare parts support at a moment’s notice. Aerobotix can typically be at the job-site in less than 24 hours, but often perform troubleshooting and error resolution over the phone.

Additionally, we provide robotic maintenance services for other manufacturers’ systems that are similar in nature upon review of the system and documentation available.

Custom Toolkits

As an added service for our customers, we can create custom toolkits that include tools needed to maintain the robotic system. These toolkits are shadowboxed configured and contain specialty tools needed to maintain specialized fluid components. It also allows for storage of small parts and cleaning devices. Laminated maintenance documents are also available and stored in the toolkit.


FANUC robotics trainingAerobotix provides operator and maintenance training for all of our turn-key systems and automated sub-systems. This robotic and PLC training is custom tailored to fit each particular application and is developed along with the development of the system, in conjunction with the customer and their requirements. Specific as one-on-one training is offered at our facility for customers who have an area of interest where they want to develop a high level of expertise and confidence.

As a FANUC Authorized Integrator, we can also assist you with identifying and obtaining the proper FANUC training for your personnel. FANUC training can be obtained at their facilities or be arranged to occur at your facility.