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Aerobotix Workcell and Simulation Development

 Simulation DevelopmentAerobotix performs the majority of the robotic path programming for our systems through offline programming. Simulation development uses an exact model of the designed system in Delmia UltraPaint, FANUC HandlingPro, or FANUC PaintPro simulation software, we integrate the process data and parameters into the model. Coupled with our unparalleled expertise and experience in offline programming of aerospace/military robotic coating application systems, our robotics engineers generate the robotic production path plans that will be used on the final system.  

This method allows the build-up of the system to happen at the same time as the offline programming of path plans, with dry runs and verifications occurring immediately after system installation. It can save our customers money and time, as there is often less "booth time" needed once the system is installed.

Don’t have a part file? We can White Light Scan your part(s) to create an as-built model that can be imported into the offline software for rapid path programming.

Workcell Development

robotics engineers and workcell developmentThrough workcell development, Aerobotix can model your production robotic workcell using 3D CAD design data, along with virtual models of potential robots to be used in your system. These models have proven useful in performing initial reach studies and hardware configurations to determine the robot model required, additional auxiliary axis equipment, system layout and part placement that best fits the allotted facility space, part flow, and processing orientation.

We use Dassault Systèmes Delmia UltraPaint, FANUC HandlingPro, and FANUC PaintPro simulation software packages to create the required models used for engineering our robotic systems. Often, we work with customer-provided 3D CAD drawings of the part to be imported into the model to perform reach studies and pre-engineer the conceptual system. Our robotics engineers then back flow this information to the customer to support their system requirements documents and statements of work.

Can’t find 3D CAD of your facility? Aerobotix recently performed a metrology study of a customer’s paint booth to create an exact model of the facility to create an accurate workcell.