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advanced robotic programming


Aerobotix robotic programming can provide advanced FANUC robot programming for systems requiring additional capabilities above and beyond the standard path programming. Due to the nature and cost of the subject part, many aerospace and military applications require collision avoidance, collision detection, error recovery, and path escape functions. These functions can be difficult to program through standard means, but our staff is highly experienced and practiced in the development and implementation of advanced robot programming. They are continually improving and refining the routines used to perform these functions.


Our robotic coating systems typically include advanced "shell" programming that provides our customers with the flexibility to add new programs and maintain operation of advanced functions. This also allows customers to monitor all robot I/O, PLC inputs, safety sensors, and other functions, as well as continuously perform error checking. The programmer can enable/disable certain robot functions when they are disruptive to the production process, yet need to remain automated to prevent mishaps.


It is CRITICAL that robotic systems be configured to automatically react and recover from an error input, e-stop circuit, or booth alarm when in use. For example, if a worker opens the booth door in the middle of a paint or coating spray the robot will stop while pointing the gun at the part. Recovery from this situation is dangerous and could cause a damaged part or at least a rejected coating finish if the system is not configured to recover properly.

Aerobotix robotics engineering includes automated error recovery in our robot path programming. This is done according to the specific application of the robot and often includes multiple choices, allowing the operator to choose how the robot will recover.