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Canopy Polishing

Canopy Polishing

Aerobotix (ABX) worked to develop an automated polishing solution for fighter jet transparency canopies and windshields.

Auto Path Robotic Paint System

Gantry Robotic Paint System & Auto-Path Generation

“I can’t use a paint robot for my process. I don’t have part models, I don’t have programmers, and no robot can reach all my large parts.”

Multiple Grit Sandpaper Changer

Robotic Sanding Solutions for Multiple Grits

Aerobotix (ABX) pushes the limits of robotic sanding automation technologies with each new challenge customers supply. After being tasked through a SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program to create a partially automated sanding and polishing solution, ABX has continued to improve the robotic system by developing a fully automatic sanding solution for changing adhesive-back sandpaper for multiple grits.

Aircraft Robotic Sanding Solution

Large Aircraft Robotic Sanding Solution

Large military aircraft surfaces call for a large sander on a large robot.

Aerobotix customers often have very large surfaces requiring sanding or surface preparation. ABX developed a large aircraft robotic sanding solution by modifying an existing robot by adding an end-of-arm tool (EOAT) with three orbital sanders mounted on a robot with extended reach capability.

AMMP Probe | Thickness Sensor

Non-Contact, Thickness Measurement for Wet Coatings

Guess what happens when you shoot a coating thickness measurement signal at a performance coating designed to confuse signals? You guessed it, you get very confused thickness measurement data.

Aerobotix (ABX) worked with Compass Technology Group (CTG) to apply their Advanced Microwave Mapping Probes (AMMP) technology to wet coating thickness measurement.

Robotic Spray Gun

Robotic Mini Spray Gun

An off-the-shelf (OTS) spray gun was useful for many aerospace robotic coating projects, but Aerobotix (ABX) customers have confined spaces where the gun would not fit.

Robot Caught Tagging a Production Part

Robot Caught Tagging a Production Part

Would you want your robot going after your Fighter Jet with a Sharpie?!

For certain applications, customers of Aerobotix (ABX) must apply masking paper before the robotic spray application of performance coatings. One such example of this is with Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) in Ogden, UT.