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About Aerobotix - FANUC Authorized Integrator

As a FANUC Authorized Integrator, Aerobotix is the key aerospace and military application integrator for FANUC robots, focusing solely on this single market sector. We specialize in providing turn-key robotic coating systems for aerospace, military, NASA, and general industrial applications, providing a range of solutions for robotic and automated coating needs ranging from single robots to complex multi-robot systems. We are committed to being the best source for complex, production-proven robotic solutions for the aerospace, military, and other related sectors.

Founded in 2005, our company is a privately-owned small business with full in-house design, build, install, and support capabilities. We limit the amount of subcontractors that we use, ensuring that the key components of every project are completed by our experienced staff. This enables us to provide superior, consistent services during the development of each robot solution, as well as unmatched long-term support services after project completion.

Our Staff

Our staff has been instrumental in the design, development, and commissioning of many of the robotic coating systems in use today in aerospace and military applications. This includes programs such as F-35, F/A-22, F/A-18, F-16, B2, and several other developmental programs. Many aerospace and military programs involve the use of classified materials and facilities. Our staff maintains DOD security clearances, allowing us necessary access to be able to provide systems and services in a seamless manner for classified projects and facilities.

General Information

  • FANUC Authorized Integrator
  • DSS Secret Cleared Personnel
  • DOS Licensed Exporter
  • Classified Supplier for Coating Support
  • Defense Security Service Approved Facility